Playing Favourites

My favourite videogames, in no particular order, are Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIII and Tales of Vesperia. These are not the games that move me most, or that I would necessarily recommend to others – I could list things that aren’t real, Even The Ocean, Butterfly Soup, Queers in Love at the End of […]

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The recent resurfacing of the ‘is JRPG a genre?’ debate on twitter didn’t really break any new ground (it totally isn’t, by the way), but I did finally decide to sit down and respond to one common structure in the discussion. When we point out that the word ‘Japanese’ refers to a nationality and thus […]

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Written in the Land

Blood and Bone After finishing Final Fantasy XV the first time, I wrote that I thought there was ‘a story written in the bones of this landscape‘. The thought wasn’t entirely figurative; the most obvious icon of the land of Eos is the great stone arches vaulting across the hills of Duscae like the exposed […]

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The marketing campaign for Final Fantasy XV has been weird, right? Let’s start with the obvious: Kingsglaive. Kingsglaive is a 111-minute CG film which must have cost an enormous amount of money to make. Its technology is impressive; never quite photo-real, but dazzlingly close. Everything else about it is… less impressive. Nothing could ruin the […]

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