DGC #28 – There’s No Way My Little Sister Can Be A Goddess

All the problematic 90s anime without any of the interesting writing; our episode on Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete is now available on LibSyn and YouTube! The latter is below the cut!

One thought on “DGC #28 – There’s No Way My Little Sister Can Be A Goddess

  1. I’m glad to see someone else noticed how unusually mean-spirited the game is despite ostensibly being a “heartwarming romance about the power of love.” The romantic relationships are so toxic, and just about everyone you encounter is some kind of pervert or imbecile or bully. I was put off by all the NPCs who comment on their failed marriages (“I can forgive the Goddess for my wife”).

    One other really irritating thing about the game is the way Nall constantly praises Alex. It gets even more grating as the game goes on. Getting back to Jess, at the end of the game one NPC says, “Jessica saved her father because she never stopped believing in him!” Then Nall replies, “And Alex saved Luna because he never stopped believing in her!” That little pest always has to make every conversation about the awesomeness of Alex. I want to hit him with a flyswatter.


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