The Top 10 JRPG Fish

Fish are an essential part of the JRPG genre, and while recent entries may have lacked some of the sparkle of the JRPG golden age in the mid to late 90s, there are still some great fish out there. Here’s a look at 10 of the best.

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In Defense of Kemco

Capitalistic thinking does no favors for personal aspect of art. The amount of sells a videogame makes is a number that goes into a faceless vacuum. It has no bearing on my life, it enriches no part of myself. It may be an indicator of how easily a game is liked, but then the likability […]

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Dragon Quest

There are two conflicts in the entirety of Dragon Quest’s world: a kidnapped princess and a tyrannical dragonlord. Saving the princess is, interestingly, not even required to finish the quest. What Dragon Quest values then is this one action, a clash of light and dark, and all else is unimportant, in a way less than […]

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