Miscellaneous Videos

Eorzean Odyssey [Devon + Becky]

This series is finished.

A foolish plan: I (Devon) would take Becky on a month-long escapade through Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s main storyline, stream it all, and then podcast about it afterward! A whirlwind tour through an MMO, this stream archive is seventy hours of our Eorzean Odyssey!

Personal Diary [Becky]

This series is finished. There’s a wrap-up here.

How does real time relate to virtual time? Persona games are very explicit about how long the events of their plots are supposed to take, but works of fiction don’t often relate literalistically to real time. Personal Diary is my attempt to investigate this relationship in the bluntest way possible – I’m playing one in-game day per real day for as long as it takes to complete all the social links.

Treading Old Ground [Devon]

This series is on hiatus.

Have you ever wondered what you missed out on from an older generation of games you never had the chance to play? I do, fairly often, especially when that older generation is used as the benchmark to declare the current state of a genre completely dead. Thankfully, emulation makes going back to most of these games much easier, and I’ll be taking advantage of that to bridge some gaps in my experience.