Dead Genre Live

We try to stream each month’s game for the podcast, for listeners who don’t have time to play the whole game themselves. The collection isn’t complete, but here’s the archive, with the most recent games first. Click on the game name for the episode if it’s been released!

Episode 26: Golden Sun & The Lost Age

Episode 25: Legend of Dragoon

Episode 24: Final Fantasy XII

Episode 23: Final Fantasy V Four-Job Fiesta



Episode 22: Rogue Galaxy

Episode 21: Skies of Arcadia

Episode 20: Persona

Episode 17: Suikoden 2

Episode 16: The Last Remnant

Episode 14: Ni No Kuni

Episode 13: Nier

(branded as Travel Notes, but it belongs here rather than there)

Episode 12: Breath of Fire II

Episode 11: Grandia II

Episode 10: Final Fantasy Tactics

Episode 8: Xenogears

Episode 7: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Episode 4: Resonance of Fate