Written in the Land

Blood and Bone After finishing Final Fantasy XV the first time, I wrote that I thought there was ‘a story written in the bones of this landscape‘. The thought wasn’t entirely figurative; the most obvious icon of the land of Eos is the great stone arches vaulting across the hills of Duscae like the exposed […]

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Goodbye, Setsuna

I Am Setsuna is a game that betrayed nearly all of its marketing points: it’s not retro, it’s not anything like Chrono Trigger, it doesn’t really function as a proper homage to jrpgs in any way, shape, or form (and homage is SE’s marketing keyword). Marketing shaped the frame that Setsuna was supposed to rest […]

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The marketing campaign for Final Fantasy XV has been weird, right? Let’s start with the obvious: Kingsglaive. Kingsglaive is a 111-minute CG film which must have cost an enormous amount of money to make. Its technology is impressive; never quite photo-real, but dazzlingly close. Everything else about it is… less impressive. Nothing could ruin the […]

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You Did It Again

World of Final Fantasy is a better critical reflection on the Final Fantasy brand than any thinkpiece I’ve ever read on that topic. It’s Square Enix’s clearest statement yet of the frustrations of developing for such a contradictory audience. It’s also a much more self-aware game than a branding exercise like this might be expected […]

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