About Us

This website is home to Dead Genre Chronicles, a monthly book-club style podcast where we play JRPGs and discuss their contents and contexts, and other work by the hosts! You can always find us on Twitter or in our Discord server!

Who are we?

Devon Carter is the ringleader of this merry band of genre necromancers, and against all odds, the sheer volume of bad opinions present online hasn’t yet swayed him from his love for games. Though he has taken a break from long-form critical writing, he insists this is only because he’s gathering power for an upcoming series. His hobbies aside from playing games include making spreadsheets cataloguing his queued games hellscape, watching and hating anime, and putting off finding a tabletop RPG group. He will gladly regale anyone who will listen with reasons why Final Fantasy XIV is the best Final Fantasy game. His favorite games are always shifting, but a reliable couple are Tales of the Abyss and Kingdom Hearts 2.

Becky Davnall disguised herself as a human male twenty-eight years ago and has only recently realised this was a bad idea. While trying to remedy this mistake, she lectures in metaphysics and logic, and is working to develop an arts-and-humanities course in video games. Her main critical interests are the relationship between Japanese games and Anglo-American audiences, the presentation of masculinity and heroism in narrative games, and movement as an aesthetic. When not playing video games she can mostly be found playing other video games or running other people’s jokes into the ground. Her favourite games are probably Final Fantasy XII and Tales of Vesperia, but this is subject to change without notice.

LeeRoy Lewin is living the dream: being a gamedev in his mom’s basement. Perpetually unwell and stubborn to a fault, his foremost value is the power of friendship, so it’s no surprise that he’s stuck with japanese media. His “expertise” is in game history, a cobbled together knowledge from just being a huge nerd, and often writes about forgotten margins of game history. If he’s not ranting about lore or making arguments out of thin air, LeeRoy is playing a videogame a part of him hates, somehow also convinced the game is an individual work of genius. Other interests are old anime, abstract prose, implications of memes, noise music, and drinking weird soda. His favorite videogame is Pathologic; his favorite jrpg is Persona 3.