Announcing the Dead Genre Zine

When the idea that became Dead Genre Chronicles formed, it was going to be an effort by myself to curate a better grade of writing about JRPGs. I was tired of seeing the sort of low-quality critique that made it onto general curation sites for games writing and news sites’ editorials. My reach was small, and my funding smaller, so it largely ended up being a collaboration between myself and the folks who became the cohosts of DGC.

That has, with some sustained effort and Patreon support, become what we have here at; a place for us to escape the shackles of discussing strictly contemporary games in a critical context in order to grab clicks. We’ve written about and worked on critiquing games from throughout the last three decades in order to build a collaborative literacy and awareness of the genre with our podcast, and we encourage others to do the same, even inviting various guests on for different games to make folks realize that thinking critically about games is simpler than you think!

So when LeeRoy floated the idea that we could make a zine, I was absolutely onboard with the thought of finally getting folks to write about JRPGs and being able to pay them for their effort! Alongside pieces from myself, Becky, and LeeRoy, we’ll also feature a piece by Vincent Kinian, aka the Video Game King, and one by friend of the site and show, Madame Coleen.

Important: if you’re an artist, or know an artist, who would be willing to draw five profile-picture style shots for author bios, please contact me on Twitter @invisifool with some samples of your work and rates! Thank you!

We’re going to be publishing the first volume of the Dead Genre Zine by the end of April. [Edit: Due to some scheduling mishaps, we’re aiming instead to release by the end of May!]

In order to help get the word out, I’m going to be streaming daily on Hitbox, from the week of March 27th to April 2nd. There will be two streams every day: from 11am to 2pm PST , I’ll be playing Tales of Legendia, the Tales game noted for being a pretty generally lackluster entry in the series. After that, I’ll have a break, and then from 3pm to 5pm PST, I’ll spend time working on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, a title I need to clear for research on my article.

Throughout the week, a tip jar will be open on my stream, where you can help to offset the myriad costs associated with this production! What impetus do you have to tip, you ask? Good question!

  • At $2 or more, you’ll be securing yourself a copy of the zine when it comes out!
  • At $5 or more, you’ll get yourself a copy of the zine, and a spot in the special thanks section in the next volume!
  • At $10 or more, you’ll get yourself a copy of the zine, thanks in the next volume, and thanks in this one!
  • At $50 or more, you’ll get to decide what I stream for the rest of the week instead of Tales of Legendia! [One time only.]
  • At $100 or more, you’ll get to replace both Legendia and Lightning Returns on the stream schedule! [One time only, overrides $50 option. Please be merciful.]

The $2 and $5 options will be available once the zine is finalized, but the $10, obviously, will not, nor will the higher options be available once the week of streaming is over.

The stream got a surprising amount of support, so I will instead be streaming Skies of Arcadia for the next few days to honor a $60 pledge, with less emphasis on promoting/tips, and Lightning Returns will not be streamed regularly!

The more support this zine gets, the more likely we will be to produce the next volume sooner, so please share this post with folks who you think would be interested, along with the zine when it goes live, and, as always, support us on Patreon to help support us in our current monthly and future endeavors.

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