DGC #15 – A Progenitor Draws Near

This month, Dead Genre Chronicles’ quest continues with Dragon Quest V. The episode is live on Libsyn and YouTube; the YouTube version is below the cut.

3 thoughts on “DGC #15 – A Progenitor Draws Near

  1. Fantastic work with the podcasts 🙂

    Have you thought about featuring Treasure of Rudras in this series? It’s the “forgotten” 1996 Square classic, arguably the company’s last great game for SNES. The game borrows gameplay influences from Romancing Saga series but plays like a FF title in essence – large multiscenario cast, gorgeous art, unique magic system. It has many flaws inherent in the framework but feels like it’d be exactly up your alley for indepth discussion.


    1. Thank you! I believe in the run-up to our first episode, about Live-a-Live, we considered what “hidden” SNES Square game to play, and Treasure of the Rudras was up against Live-a-Live and Bahamut Lagoon, but Live-a-Live won out. Our schedule is planned out for quite a while, but I’ve been wanting to play it myself, so I’ll see about fitting it in next time we schedule things!


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